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Pigini NOVA



Since more than 30 years, the PIGINI 'Super Bajan Sirius' is considered as the absolute Top in Accordionworld.
The greatest professional artists, students and musicteachers choose this instrument, in the meantime, more than 1200 pieces have been produced with the highest knowledge, skill and precision.
Always looking ahead for perfection, they introduced the 'Mythos' on the market, a 'limited edition'. Until now only 33 pieces have been made for top accordionplayers around the world.

In 2010, there was an historical continuation of this accordion revolution with the birth of the 'NOVA', the 'Stradivarius' among accordions.


“A magical sound-universe and the instrument to create it: the result of a marriage between old traditions and a tecnological balanced ergonomy."


Many years of experience of our soundresponse engineers in combination with different woodtypes have led us to the  totally new acoustic construction of the NOVA. The PIGINI philosophy is based on two important items: a stable sound and a robust construction.
This construction of the NOVA is litteraly 'cut out of the right wood!': Mahogany, maple, pinewood and beechwood. This combination enables us to obtain a fine harmonic and expressive sound outside the cassotto, while within the cassotto, the sound is even warmer.


We developped in Italy a total new range of handmade reeds respecting the strictest rules. This reed project makes the sound even more dynamic and guarantees a large expressive range from pianissimo to fortissimo. The light and energetic reeds gives the accordionplayer the impression that the instrument is a part of his body.
this dynamic results in a legendaric bassound.


In order to be able to deliver a perfect accordion, made with the greatest care and a deep quality control, the NOVA production is extremely limited.
A maximum of 6 pieces will see the day -and spotlight- each year. This makes the NOVA worldwide a collector's item.
The Nova has 226 buttons (mother of pearl) and 15 chin registers;
It is delivered with a case, hard handbag, and softbag for air transport.
Of course, the NOVA comes with the exeptional user guarantee, wich means 10 years.


Right Hand
5 rows of buttons
106 mother of pearl buttons
64 notes MI/SOL ( E/G )
2 voices in cassotto
15 registers
15 chinregisters ( 5 X 3 ) Free bas : 58 noten MI/DO# ( E/Cis)

Left hand
Free bass voices : 3 ( 8+8+2) o ( 8+4+2)
Free bass registers : 5+R
Standard bass : 120
Standard bass voices : 7
Standaard bas registers : 5+R
dimensions accordeon : 46,5 x 23,5
weight : 14,3 kg


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